Tips to Deal WIth Divorce and Selling a Home

Selling Your House During A Divorce. 4 min read october 27, 2016.. Six Tips on Selling Your House During the Holidays ;. There are no guarantees in life and it is important to deal with your home without emotion for the greater good.

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If the agreement is to sell the home with the equity divided between the divorcing spouses, things should be relatively easy. Sometimes one spouse may remain in the home and be responsible for listing, showing and selling the home with the other spouse being responsible for part of the mortgage payment, taxes, and upkeep to the house.

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Home warranty for the buyer. Whether because the buyer requests it or to make the buyer feel secure about the home purchase, many sellers buy a home warranty on the buyer’s behalf. This is a service contract that covers repairs to appliances and certain systems within the house for the first year of ownership. It will cost about $500.

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Questions of home ownership can become complicated to deal with. Knowing how divorce affects the sale of a home, including reasons to.

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From a tax perspective there is not much difference between selling before or after the divorce, but selling before the divorce would imply a completion of the transaction sooner, which could be beneficial from a tax standpoint. If one of you has moved out of the house.

Selling a home during a divorce is much like selling real estate any other time, except that you MUST lay the groundwork beforehand that determines who gets what. With a real estate agent helping you selling the home for a fair market value should be possible – as long as you follow your agent’s advice.

Brette’s Answer: Generally, the only way a spouse can be required to sell the home is if the judge orders him to, and even if the court decided the home needed to be sold, the person wouldn’t have to accept any offer. You should speak to your attorney.

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