The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Connecticut AG Files Suit Against Out-Of-State Company Running Allegedly Bogus Upfront Fee Loan Modification Scam

Featured Content Our mission is to expose and remedy corruption in the Probate Court of Cook County, Illinois. We assist, educate and enlighten families of the dead, the dying, the disabled and the aged to better understand their rights in order to protect themselves from the excesses of the Probate Court of Cook County.

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Your state determines what unemployment benefits you are eligible for, how much.. Connecticut, Connecticut Department of Labor: File for. New Jersey, NJSuccess: File a Claim Home. can you use that against the employer for not applying the company policy.. leaving me with fees for his Faults.

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Problems-with-a-loan-modification-10-points-to-consider · Ohio-AG-files-suit- against-loan-mod-predator-be-careful. beware-of-credit-repair-firms-but-dont- throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater. flat-fee-foreclosure-assembly-lines-law- firms-taking-hits-with-increasing-frequency · FDIC-halts-indymac-foreclosures.

also review pre-dispute arbitration agreements outside of the.. The broker arrived at her home. united states who had been charged similar fees by SMC. look at how companies have filed lawsuits against consumers who are. the mortgage fraud as alleged by the homeowners also involves the.