How Long Can You Stay in Your Home After You Stop Paying the Mortgage?

You can call the CFPB at (855) 411-CFPB (2372) to be connected to a HUD-approved housing counselor today or you can search online for one near you. If you have a mortgage with the federal housing administration (fha) you may have additional rights to stay in your home after foreclosure.

Home > Chapter 13 > How Long Can I Stay In My House After Foreclosure?. How Long Can I Stay In My House After Foreclosure? By Scott Riddle Posted in Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Debt Collection & Foreclosure. If you have gone through the foreclosure process, maybe because you have decided to leave an expensive house and debt behind, and you are still living in the house, you are probably wondering.

From my experience of doing over modifications since 2008. You can stay in your house for about two years without paying, if you know how to play the system. If you are still current in your house, then stop paying. Let it ride but read all the letters sent from your bank and this should give you 3-6.

Since you’re no longer under any obligation to make your monthly mortgage payments, you have a financial stake in remaining in your home for as long as possible after your bankruptcy is discharged. You’ll save thousands of dollars in rent or mortgage costs by remaining where you are while the foreclosure process unfolds.

The legal foreclosure process generally can’t start during the first 120 days after you’re behind on your mortgage. After that, once your servicer begins the legal process, the amount of time you have until an actual foreclosure sale varies by state.

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One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you skip a mortgage payment or two is to put your head in the sand. Once you realize that your financial troubles have escalated to the point that you’re going to keep missing payments, you should begin exploring your options immediately.

Many people do not realize you can legally stop paying credit cards. There is no longer a debtor’s prison to punish those who refuse to pay debts. If you honestly incurred the debt without breaking any laws, you can stop paying it at any time.

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