Former Newspaper Publisher, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Lender and Real Estate Agent Convicted in $20 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme

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Many borrowers are looking at mortgage brokers and lenders with a jaundiced eye. Consumers can file a claim to collect on a bond or guaranty fund if there was wrongdoing, but it usually requires the professional to be convicted in a court of law or successfully sued by the borrower, says Rodabaugh.

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Twenty people in South Florida, including licensed real estate agents and mortgage brokers, were charged in a $40 million bank and mortgage fraud As part of the scheme, brother and sister team, Alina Rubi, a mortgage broker, and Camilo Garcia, a mortgage broker and real estate agent, used.

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Mortgage broker, lender and real estate agent marco laureti has been convicted in a $20 million mortgage fraud scheme in South Florida. Federal prosecutors allege that Laureti, former publisher of the now-defunct Spanish newspaper "El Popular" and CEO/broker of Network Real Estate.

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Samnang and others are being accused of falsifying mortgage loan applications, creating fake documentation to support the falsified applications and adding the unqualified buyers as signatories on their bank accounts to make it appear to the lenders that the applicants had enough in assets to.