Foreign buyers are taking over…but it’s Canadians in Florida Which Mor

Foreign buyers are taking over.but it’s Canadians in Florida By Jamie Henry Font size : The National Association of Realtors in Florida has confirmed that Canadians are still the number one buyers of property in the state.

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Approximately 80 percent of international buyers in Florida are Canadian. Our neighbors to the north are seeing the great values in the Naples florida real estate market. Many are looking for second homes or vacation homes that are used to get out of the cold for a few weeks, or months during the winter.

Canadians are about to be bluffed because not even government officials understand the flaw with their method of data collection. Here’s the problem, and why the numbers are going to soar. Even though an increase in foreign buying is very unlikely here. Foreign Buyers. When I think of a foreign buyer, I think non-productive speculator.

According to the National Association of Realtors, Canada was the top country of origin for foreign buyers in the United States last year, and more than a third of those Canadians bought real estate in Florida. British and German buyers are also prevalent in Southwest Florida. And in a recent Reuters article, it was noted that another sign that Canadians are flocking to Florida is Canadian airlines are increasing their direct flights to Southwest Florida.

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Foreign buyers are taking over.but it’s Canadians in Florida The National Association of Realtors in Florida has confirmed that Canadians are still the number one buyers of property in the state. The new report shows that US$2.2 billion was spent by Canadians in the Sunshine State last year, accounting for 31.6 per cent of all international transactions.

"Indians are Cheap" | Russell Peters - Red, White, and Brown My thoughts on buying property in Florida. As an East coast Canadian, I must say that the fantasy of owning property.. canadians buying property in Florida. My thoughts on buying property in Florida.. And this is especially true of Foreign Buyers, which I mostly cater to, who often have only.

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