Diversity Is Not Our Strength

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The belief that people with different identities, cultures, beliefs and outlooks on the world will get along better and co-operate to built stronger nations than people who share the same identity, culture, beliefs and outlooks on the world, despite history showing that every multi-ethnic nation state in history has proceeded to fracture along ethnic lines.

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"The diversity and colours of India are our strength, they astonish and attract the world," PM Modi told the Indian expats, who switched on their mobile flash light to welcome the prime minister upon.

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"Diversity is not our strength," the congressman wrote, linking to an article on a deeply dubious anti-immigration website called Voice of Europe, which quotes Hungary’s far-right prime minister, Viktor Orban, as saying that "mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one."

It is a popular liberal slogan that "Diversity Is Our Strength," referring to racial and cultural diversity. I am curious as to how exactly this diversity has strengthened our nations? As a white American, I can think of a whole lot of negatives it has brought, but not much if anything positive.

Diversity is not our strength. hungarian prime minister Victor Orban, "Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one.".

There can be a diversity. not ignore the fact that children these days have more media consumption than preceding.

Those who say "diversity is our strength", at least on some level, support disharmony. But in this case they’ve rendered the population who most suffers that disharmony as irrelevant, or deplorable so they can pretend it’s not real disharmony.

Diversity is not a strength when the subject population does not hold to common ends and does not agree to play by common rules (the means). In such a case, diversity is hell. If the diversity of hell is where you look for your strength, feel free to welcome diversity as it is celebrated by the broader culture.